About me

Welcome to A makeup habit . I am a twenty-something beauty blogger, living in London who is obsessed with makeup and skincare. I have been reading blogs for awhile now and decided to start my own one to share my love of beauty.

Here are some random facts about me.

I am 29 but I look really young for my age, people always mistake me for a teenager or someone who is in their early twenties. I don't mind it now so much but it used to drive me mad before lol!

I'm rubbish at photography don't judge me .I want to get better though.

I'm a big tea drinker, 4 cups a day. I know it's pretty bad. Someone send help!

I love reality TV - you name it I've watched it and my favourite shows are The Apprentice and I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! Feel free to leave me recommendations of your favourite shows too.

A new post will go up every Tuesday at 7.00 am.

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