My Butter London Collection

Sunday, 9 February 2014

From their amazing colours, to their quirky names and the added bonus that they are a 3-Free company I have fallen in love with Butter London Lacquers. Shhh -don't tell Essie. Here is a quick run-down of the five that I own.

Come To Bed Red - My first Butter London nail polish, and the one that stole my heart, in terms of the formula. It just glides on so effortlessly. Love it. Nothing is more chic than a red mani and this bright true red is a must-have lacquer in my collection. I am also amazed at how a slick of this colour instantly glams up an outfit too.

Primerose Hill Picnic - My favorite out of the bunch! In fact it's giving Essie "Mint Candy Apple"a run for it's money to keep the title of my all-time favorite nail polish. Not only do I love the name, so cute right? But it's the perfect hot pink shade! If I could sum up Summer with one colour it would be this one. This stunning shade instantly makes me happy because one glance at my nails is enough to lift my mood- and you seriously will not be able to stop staring at your nails....yes it's that prettyYou can totally skip the top coat because this lacquer gives your nails a juicy/glossy finish.

Slapper -   This bold, bright teal shade was on my "to buy list" for the longest time and it's not a colour I would typically go for but it's such a unique shade that I had to snap it up. Teal was the  hottest colour to rock in Spring/Summer last year but it's also a shade that can be worn year-round too. This amazingly pigmented hue packs a punch and it's not for the faint-hearted. I like my nail colours to have some oomph and this beauty totally delivers on that.  Remember to apply a base coat first to prevent it from staining your nails.

Teddy Girl - I purchased this in the hopes that it would be better than Essie "Fiji" but it disappointed me too with it's watery and runny consistency. Despite the awful formula this subtle but sophisticated bubblegum pink looks super pretty on the nails.

Fiver - My recent purchase. Being the mint lover I am I just couldn't resist this pale pastel mint green shade. It just spoke to me you know? It applies sheer on the first coat but not to worry because a second coat is all it needs to achieve full opacity. Gorgeous shade for Spring but a colour I will wear all year-round because I am just that obsessed with mint lacquers.