Nars Exhbit A Blush Review

Sunday, 17 February 2013

This is my first blog post talking about my love of beauty products.I have a passion for beauty and I absolutely love reading blogs so I thought it's was about time to start my own blog. So today I am going to be talking about Nars blush in Exhibit A.

I don't wear Exhibit A as often as I should but I definitely need to start wearing it more because it is a beautiful matte red blush that warms up the skin beautifully. I first heard about this from Scandalous Beauty on YouTube and she was raving about how great it is and how it is a must have blush for women of colour (WOC). She was right I think all women of colour need to own this as it suits our skin tones really well, as well as giving a healthy glow to the cheeks. When I wear this blush it instantly brightens and wakes up my skin which I absolutely love. Lighter skin tones can also pull this off, you just need to use a light hand and be gentle with application.

It has a soft texture and blends easily on to the cheeks.This is a very pigmented blush therefore you don't need a lot.  I like the sleek look of the Nars packaging, however it can get dirty easily if you are not careful. Also I wish the lid was transparent so I can see the colour straight away because I have a few Nars products so it would be nice to identify the colour quicker.

It retails for £21.00 which is pricey but if a product performs I don't mind paying a bit more for it and this blush is totally worth it. It will also last for a long time because remember a little bit goes a long way. If this Nars blush is totally out of your price range,Sleek has a similar blush to Exhibit A called Bonfire which is in a blush palette called Flame so check that out instead.

Have you tried any Nars blushes? What do you think of Exhibit A?


  1. I love this blush! It looks so scary in the pan but has such a natural flush. Great post!

  2. Thank you! Yes it does look crazy bright but it is really wearable!

  3. This blush looks so scary in the pan!! Such a bold looking colour :) xx

  4. It does look scary lol but as long as you use a light hand and be gentel with application it's really wearable and looks natural.

  5. I need to find swatches of this lovely blush! It looks red in this picture but I've heard that it leans orange! x